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Artistic Collaborations - 

"Because of my family roots and affinity for the Spanish language, I enjoy sharing my deep love for the culture and music of the Hispanic World.  I continue to present this repertoire in symposiums, thematic recitals, lectures and artist residencies.


My Fulbright year in Spain further enriched my artistry, and I continue to investigate and perform both historical and contemporary composers from Spain.  I invite you to sample my two commercially released discs Las canciones de Julio Gomez & Espana alla Rossini  which showcases these interests.


In addition, my repertoire exploration has led me to explore the classical composers of Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti; I have presented recitals featuring these songs and their poetry throughout the United States and Europe. "

Anna Tonna



1. 1915:  Viaje a Granada Recital (Barcelona and La Rioja)

- Recital for voice and piano with conference and sound disc, showcasing the new song cycle "Pascua Florida" composed for Anna Tonna by composer Miquel Ortega. Featuring songs by Matilde Salvador, Joaquin Turina, Manuel de Falla and Maria Rodrigo.  


- Venues and cooperating entities in 2021: Semana Lirica de Logrono Lucrecia Arana; Instituto de Estudios Riojanos; Gobierno de La Rioja. Spanish Independent Label (discographic label).


- With: Anna Tonna - mezzo soprano and pianist Mac McClure 

Sound engineer: Albert Moraleda

Editions Albert Moraleda

2. "The Last Rose of Summer" A Keats-Shelley Bicentennial Celebration (Naples and Rome)

May 7, 2022

- Concerts with romantic era instruments, of chamber music and song by late 18th and early 19th century composers, in celebration of the bicentennial of poets Keats and Shelley, highlighting their relationship with Italy.


- Venues and collaborating entities in 2022:  Keats Shelley Museum in Rome; The KeatsShelley-200 Committee in London; TBA venue in Naples; British Embassy in Rome.


- With: Anna Tonna - mezzo soprano; Enrica Savigni - 19th century guitar; Laura Savigni - fortepiano Duo Savigni

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